Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Workshop and Event Schedule

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Ongoing Events at the Urban Weaver Studio:

Monday nights: Sticks and Strings

Monday evening get togethers are on hold while we deal with the flax crop. Barefoot weeding of the plots and trial runs at retting will probably take over the normal Monday slot. I'll post more up here as we go so you can come along and join in. If you're passing on  Monday evening 6-8.30 look out for us out on the grass spinning, knitting, preparing flax and feel free to join us. Also Scotchbroom processing dates again!

For more information see: Sticks and Stings event page

Saturday Afternoon: Invasive Basketry (1-4pm):
Weavers of all levels are welcome! Weave, learn and share ideas and techniques with other weavers and textile artists.

Spring 2014 Schedule has been updated!  Please follow the link below.

For more information see: Weaving with Invasive plants event page

Harvesting Dates:
Join us in harvesting weaving materials for the studio.
Most harvesting events are in collaboration with The Stanley Park Ecological Society (SPES).

Harvest dates are added as they are posted by SPES.  Please click on the link below for information on volunteering with SPES and for a list of harvest dates that the Urban Weaver Studio will be attending.

For more information see: Harvesting

Other Events:

Means of Production Garden Newsletter
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Come and join the fun out at Aberthau Community Centre! More info here

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Urban Weaver Studio - A Survey of Year Two

Urban Weaver Studio - Year Two from Martin Borden on Vimeo.

A video survey, by Martin Borden, of activities at the MacLean Park Field House in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weaving with Invasive plants

Saturday Weaving Circle

Weavers of all levels welcome! Weave, learn and share ideas and techniques with other weavers and textile artists.

1:00pm - 4:00pm (free)

Tools and some weaving materials provided. Please bring weaving materials if you have some on hand.

Check our Facebook for updates!

Fall & Winter 2014 weaving schedule:

September 20

October 4 and 18th

November 1, 15 and 29th.

Harvesting Schedule

Harvesting Dates for Spring 2014:

Join us in harvesting weaving materials for the studio:

February 8
March 8

time:  10:00am to 1:00pm

This event will meet at SPES office located in the Dining Pavilion (near the Rose Garden) in Stanley Park. New participants should come 10 minutes early to complete the required volunteer application and waiver form.

For more information (what to wear and bring, etc.) and to register for this event contact:
Ivy Smith, Stewardship Programs Coordinator

Be a volunteer!  Join SPES and their crew of volunteers two days each month!  Please see their calendar of events for other volunteer opportunities, dates and registration information:

Community Invasive Species Management Program - Calendar of Events

English Ivy harvested near Brockton Oval

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cultivate: environmental art with community

The opening reception for "Cultivate" is October 3rd, 201 @ 6pm. Stop by the Roundhouse Community Arts Centre and see what the Urban Weaver Studio is all about! Featured artists include Sharon Kallis, Martin Borden, and Todd DeVries. The Flax-Linen project, Cedar weaving and invasive basketry are also represented.

Go to the Roundhouse Community Centre web site for information on workshops and special Urbanweaver inspired events led by: Rebecca Graham, Sharon Kallis, and Joy Witzsche.

About the exhibition:

"The demise of the honey bee, up-purposing green waste, urban bird habitat, the global mobility of food; artists’ projects inform social, ecology activism that calls us all to change. Cultivate features the work of artists who draw on urban ecology as subject-matter and material to explore environmental concerns and the city."

"Cultivate is the first annual exhibition in the series "State of the Practice", a Park Board Arts, Culture and Environmental Art project that highlights social and community-engaged art practices in Vancouver."

Details can be found here:

Cultivate: environmental art with community -- facebook event page

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fibre Feast Celebration August 15th

Thursday August 15th 5-8.30pm 

West Point Grey 
Community Centre 
4397 West 2nd Avenue 

Join resident artists Caitlin French and Sharon Kallis for an evening celebration of all things fibre at the 
Aberthau:flax=fibre+food gardenbed.

More info at:

Last post about the flax and linen production

Random photo, nothing to do with UW, because blogspot won't let me write anything today without posting a picture first. Yesterday, it was OK even though it wouldn't let me edit of do corrections, but today it's having a psychotic event again.

So this will be my last post for Urban Weaver. Dealing with blogspot takes hours of frustrated typing and retyping, playing around to see what its problem du jour is currently. USE WORDPRESS POTENTIAL BLOGGERS.

So, that's it from the Urban Cloth Project, aka Vancouver Flax2linen. You can find some of the stuff we do here but the things happening at McLean field house will not be reported. We will carry on processing flax there and don't forget we will be processing broom in a couple of weeks time (see post below this one) - please come and join us.

Basketry/cedar stuff continues as in the workshop/events page, and though the flax/broom/linen stuff will also continue, I will no longer be bloggin about it.

Happy spinning, weaving and dyeing,