Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Harvesting Materials

The first harvest of September is in!  English Ivy was harvested in Stanley Park by participants volunteering with the Stanley Park Ecological Society's Ivy Busters program.

English Ivy

The leaves and rootlets can be removed or left in place.  Thicker sections can also be split lengthwise and used fresh if you choose.  The Ivy we harvested in Stanley Park will be used in future workshops so we coiled and bundled it then hung the bundles to dry for storage. 

A generous donation of Cattail leaves was dropped off at the studio during the Celebration Night (on September 6, 2012).  The fleshy bottom of the stalks was cut off and the thin wispy white beveled edge removed and saved.  This bevelled edge is excellent for making thin cordage and I'm sure we will find many other uses for this down the road. The leaves were bundled and hung in the studio to dry for future use.

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