Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrating a year of successful harvests!

During the recent workshop on Saturday, October 6th, we celebrated a year of successful harvesting by weaving a 'horn of plenty'. 

Materials used:  English Ivy (harvested from Stanley Park), Siberian Iris leaves (harvested from the Means of Production garden), Day Lily leaves and old flower stalks (also from MOP). 

The next harvest date in Stanley park is this Saturday - October 13.  (click here for details)


  1. Joy, I love the way you used the day lilly stalks around the edges; did you find that they became flexible after soaking, or were they a difficult challenge? and, these are such AMAZING photographs! they show texture and depth so well, I'm going to have to take lessons from you. Good work!

  2. Thanks Rebecca! The daylily stalks are going to be a bit of a challenge to work with. For this basket, they are just tucked in along a spoke... I think for more ambitious projects they would benefit from a short soak and some time mellowing in a damp towel perhaps? Time to experiment I think....and so the fun begins!