Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mondays in December at UWC

Crafty Mondays begin again in December.

Starting on December 3rd, Mondays 6-8pm will be craft night. The first session is knitting based - you'll find more information under 'events'.

It seems from the amount of interest that the Urban Weaver Collective has generated during The Crawl that there may be a much larger number of people at the Monday craft nights in future. I just wanted to warn people that I haven't managed to get my normal energy level back post-surgery and am finding it quite hard to cope with these 2 hour sessions.

So while I'm happy to help to the best of my energy, please be prepared to learn from and help each other during these sessions - you all have way more skill than you think you do!

And if anyone is prepared to help with the set up and clean up of these sessions, that would really be great and would help.

Also, thanks to the tireless crew who helped set up and look after the UWC studio during the Crawl.

Good news! Martin Borden, who does all the excellent video work for the UW Collective, like documenting the Scottish Broom and invasive species work has agreed to head up a couple of Mondays next year teaching bookbinding.


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